Civil Engineering student

The Business Career Mentor Program helped develop my soft skills which in a way that classes could not. The goal that I set with my mentor in 2021 was to develop my communication skills, I was placed in situations which challenged me and from this I was able to reflect, develop and grow. I am far more confident going into unfamiliar environments and thriving because of the program. My mentor (George) and I were focused on developing my soft skills rather than a specific career path, I thought this was more valuable as my mentor was in a different industry than I am.


Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Senior Manager Reward and Performance
I joined UniSA’s Business Career Mentor Program in 2021. I found the program supportive of me as a mentor, with an introduction to mentoring session, mentoring handbooks and an easy to use program app to track progress. I was introduced to my mentee, a HR student who was also working full time, in April and we embarked on an 8 month journey of growth, development and support. The process of matching mentor and mentee was excellent, I really felt that I had the “right person” I could help.
For me, the highlight of the program was seeing the growth of my mentee over our time together. We were able to discuss a challenge that she was facing at work every month, set goals to work through that challenge and then review the goals at the next meeting. This was backed up with advice from theories that I had learnt during my Business Degree at UniSA and real life examples from my career. When my mentee came to one of our meetings to tell me that she was able to advise others with their challenges – based on what we had discussed previously - I knew that we had achieved what we had set out to.
Adrienne Best


Law student

I found the Business Career Mentor Program extremely rewarding. My mentor connected me with a wide array of individuals in my field and opened so many new doors. From these I was able to learn about different areas of law, expand my network and my comfort in networking and get an interview at a law firm where I was ultimately offered a position. Additionally, I was guided and supported by my mentor in an array of other areas of my career, including my CV, interviews and how to build my confidence in myself. She helped me overcome my fears and perception of networking as something only done by those who already have connections. Overall, I am extremely grateful and would highly recommend the program to anyone seeking guidance in pursuing their career paths.


Management student

The Business Career Mentor Program was an absolutely valuable resource that was offered by UniSA. The process in matching me with my mentor was faultless and I found Ian, who has been an amazing influence on helping me with my career change. The wealth of experience that he brought to this mentor relationship has given me the knowledge and skills to approach this new phase of my journey with confidence. For anyone thinking of applying for this program, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Anders Munro


Success Tax Professionals, Principal Accountant

I have been involved with the Business Career Mentor Program since 2014. It's a great program, and community, which allows you to participate and contribute to the future talent pool. Being able to help and guide mentees to achieve their goals gives you a great feeling of achievement. As a mentor you will face many challenges when dealing with your mentee like identifying their motivation, addressing their misconceptions, setting reasonable goals for the future and keeping them engaged. At the same time building their confidence and independence.  My most recent mentee landed her dream job at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, as a mentor, you get alot of satisfaction from that.

Andy Asiandi


Senior Marketing Scientist, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science

Be who you needed when you were younger. I came across this thought-provoking quote by Ayesha Siddiqi a couple of years ago. This powerful statement reminded me of the important roles my informal mentors played throughout my career and why I choose to be an active mentor now. During the early days of my careers, there were mentors and friends who I consulted on a regular basis over IRC (Internet Relay Chat) before the days of Facebook and LinkedIn.  These chats developed me as a person and expanded my horizon. They provided advice, recommendations, considerations, and wisdom that have ultimately enriched my life beyond merely career advancement. This is why I became a mentor. I wanted to be somebody who I needed when I was young. Read more...


Marketing and Communication student

Being my second time in the Business Career Mentor Program, and in my final semester of uni, I was wanting to focus on making myself work-ready, employable, and determining which direction of my degree I wanted to head. My mentor was a perfect fit for me, with knowledge and interest in all the places I needed help. Our meetings were filled with indepth discussion and 'homework' tasks for me to undertake to make sure my growth didn't remain stagnant. My favourite and most valuable part of the experience was reading a motivation/goal setting book alongside my mentor. From this I learnt new ways to approach my career and person life, understanding that the two do indeed go hand in hand. My goals of the program took a sharp turn halfway through when I finished my degree and obtained full-time work straight away, from the internship I had been undertaking. My mentor was quick to help me adapt my goals and look to making sure I continue to grow my skills in my current job, whilst not forgetting about what I could be doing in the future. Overall, my mentor was a wealth of knowledge that I couldn't thank him enough for. I'm grateful to now have a new outlook on both my personal and professional growth, with skills and tips I won't forget. I'm also grateful to know that my mentor is willing to catch-up and discuss any professional questions I have in the future.

Chantelle Kaesler


Management Consultant, Escient

I love the opportunity that the Business Career Mentor Program provides to engage with young people who really want to make something of themselves and are willing to put themselves in uncomfortable positions to fast track their growth. Being able to use our corporate knowledge to help coach and guide young people who are yet to make their mark on the business environment and have the opportunity to lift their eyes to opportunities that they may not be aware of, or would not have considered without your encouragement. Being able to watch your mentees success and possibly be lucky enough to have them continue to keep you involved in providing them advice throughout their career is something I find hugely rewarding.

Christian Gaszner


CEO and Founder, Health and Life and the One Moment Foundation

Integrity defines success.

It's a privilege to share my experience with the UniSA Business Career Mentor Program. As a mentor, it provides me with a profound opportunity to guide students through academia and career preparation from good to great. I like to share my "fringe benefits of failure" stories. My take-home message is simple: ultimately, the integrity of your character, and not your grades, or money will define your version of success.

Witnessing your mentee's growth reinforces the importance of mentorship. Humorous interactions arise as the mentee navigates the corporate-life landscape, reminding me of my own early experiences. Mentorship also prompts deep self-reflection on your own career journey, refining your insights.

Mentoring is about sharing life-changing experiences not found in a textbook. These rare and personal insights, can only fast-track a mentee's opportunities to ultimately help create a better future they can pass on to others.


Director, GL & Co. Consulting

Serving as a mentor with the UniSA Business Career Mentor Program has been an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience. When I joined the Program, I was motivated to provide insightful guidance I wish I had when first starting my career. My aim was to assist emerging professionals as they transition into the industry by sharing my experiences across a range of industries and roles. 

From the outset, it has been deeply gratifying getting to know each mentee, understanding their distinct backgrounds, capabilities and aspirations. I found great joy in advising these talented individuals, helped them expand their networks, and exposed them to opportunities to further their development. Witnessing my mentees implement recommendations, develop secure jobs, and reach various milestones, reiterated how invaluable guidance from a mentor can be in shaping one's career trajectory.

My favourite part of this experience has been watching each mentee gain greater confidence and grow as professionals. Their tangible achievements and growth validate that, for me, I've had an enormously positive influence through my mentorship. Moreover, guiding rising professionals sharpens my own leadership abilities with each relationship.

Ged Lipnickas, mentor


Property student

I applied to participate in the Business Career Mentor Program to learn from an expert in the property industry, to add to my experience, networking connections and depth of understanding of my undergraduate bachelor degree in property. Over the course of the program, my mentor (Matthew) and I had monthly meetings to discuss various topics such as resume writing, career pathways, networking events, as well as professional development including work-life management for a balanced life in the long run. This was highly beneficial as Matthew provided me with invaluable connections with professionals in the industry which I would otherwise not have access to. He provided me with his advice from experience in the industry and tailored it to my current study and work. 

I highly recommend participating in the BCMP as it’s a brilliant way of connecting with mentors, getting firsthand insight into your chosen industry, and the ability to learn and develop professional skills one-on-one.

Jasmin Muller


Financial Planning student

The Business Career Mentor Program was seriously eye opening for myself, I had all the right skills and knowledge needed, however my mentor was able to draw it out of me in each meeting and help me to grow professionally. I was able to gain a heap of foresight and knowledge from each meeting, and due to the software from Chronus, it kept myself and my mentor super accountable. Which led to us forming a great relationship which we have decided to continue for the future, in which we will keep in contact with each other so my mentor can follow my career progression and offer advice where needed. The program also had some great workshops that also helped me to truly become more self-aware and emotionally intelligent, which will make me much more employable in the future. I would suggest that all students complete the program, as it is going to help you to progress your career so much faster.

Joel Perryman


Vice President of Global Sales & Partnerships, Mozaik Play

As a former UniSA staff member and Business School graduate, I can't think of a better way to give back to the University and help the next generation of business professionals in their career journey. I have been fortunate enough to mentor many amazing Australian and International students over the past 10 plus years and thoroughly enjoy seeing these students succeed not only in the corporate world, but also in launching their own businesses, undertaking further study and travelling abroad.

The Business Careers team is excellent, and the Program is well organised through the use of specialist software which coordinates mentors and mentees to ensure milestones and goals are reached.

Mark Charnley, mentor


Managing Director, Henderson Partners

When I was quite a few years younger than I am today, I thought I knew everything. Then I met my first mentor and realised how naive I was. When we finished our time together, I remember saying to him "How can I thank you?" and his response was " When you have the time and are able, do the same". Without my mentors I would not have had the success that I achieved. I hope my mentees can say the same of the time they spend with me. 

Maurice Henderson, mentor


Sport and Recreation Management student

During my time at UniSA, I had the pleasure of partaking in the Business Career Mentor Program twice. It was a unique experience with COVID-19 affecting the program in both years, however, I was lucky that I had two great mentors who helped me realise my career goals and make the most of my time in the program. The biggest thing that my mentors provided me with was an increased confidence in networking with the right people. Through the contacts they provided and the skills they were able to arm me with, I was able to build up my network within the sport and recreation industry, which ended up helping me land my first full-time role in my dream industry at the Adelaide 36ers.

I would strongly recommend any student to take part in this program, as your mentor will not only give you invaluable insight into the industry you want to enter, but also provide you with opportunities to meet with new people within the industry who will share their knowledge and experience, and even refer you to their own contacts or provide opportunities within the industry as they come up.

Minh Pham


Senior Financial Adviser, Carrington Financial Services

It has been a pleasure being part of the Business Career Mentor Program for the past two years and I look forward to continuing to help mentees navigate their way through the new normal, how the workforce operates and their own personal challenges. Thus far there have been a lot of discussions around my experience in the financial planning industry, what I would do differently, what I enjoy about my industry, whether the mentees should continue in the current degree, consider electives, and if they should consider offerings of part-time work and work experience opportunities. I have also been able to assist with review of CVs and be a reference for any job interviews they have had. Each time I meet with my mentees I have feel I have been able to offer a refreshing view on the financial planning industry, cover all of their questions, be as honest as possible and help in any way I can. I am confident the mentees I have worked with have found the experience beneficial. 

Steven Genoff


Adelaide Botanic High School, Finance and Data Manager
As a mentor of the Business Career Mentor Program, I was given the opportunity to learn about my strengths and improve my self-awareness while sharing my experience with a mentee who was keen to learn new things. Working with the mentee to establish, plan and achieve her career development goals and supporting her to equip herself for the next step in her career after graduation has been both rewarding and exciting. The program supported both mentees and mentors by engaging us in networking events and professional development sessions. The online platform facilitated goal setting, sharing feedback, and communication with each other. One of the best features of the BMCP that I enjoyed was, mentees sharing feedback and a brief summary about the meetings they had with the mentor. It was extremely helpful for me to understand how I should get prepared for the next meeting and motivated me to engage with the mentee.