The University of South Australia is committed to ensuring access to online materials for people with disabilities. As such we aim to meet the 'Level AA' rating of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 which covers Priority 1 and Priority 2 guidelines.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

The UniSA corporate website aims to:

  • provide a text equivalent for every non-text element, for images, graphics, animations, applets etc
  • ensure all information conveyed with colour is also available without colour, for example from context or markup
  • use style sheets for layout and presentation
  • use tables to mark up tabular information, for example data tables (not for layout purposes)
  • ensure pages are accessible when viewed in older browsers, for example a browser that does not recognise style sheets should be rendered so that it is meaningful
  • use relative rather than absolute unit sizes so that text in a window can be resized to a larger size
  • ensure that moving, blinking or scrolling text can be paused or stopped
  • ensure that pages are usable when scripts, applets, or other programmatic objects are turned off or not supported
  • provide clear navigation mechanisms

Web accessibility information for people with disabilities

If you are having difficulty accessing any online materials produced by the University because of a disability please contact

Please provide the following information:

  • your contact details
  • the location of the page you are accessing
  • the operating system and browser version you are using
  • any other software you are using
  • the nature of the problem you are experiencing.

The University's disability service will then make arrangements to provide you with the information you are seeking in an accessible manner.

Information about the full range of disability services provided by the University is available at disability services for students and Human Resources Equity and diversity - disability information.