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03 September 2018

man holding wine bottleFor thousands of years, France has been synonymous with fine wine, but when it comes to wine marketing, all roads lead to Adelaide for the latest insights.

Global Executive MBA participants from the KEDGE Business School will travel from all corners of the world to join renowned wine marketing experts from UniSA’s Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, industry professionals, and local postgraduate students as they embark on UniSA’s Executive Education Wine Marketing course.

Held in South Australia between September 17 and 21, the five-day course will share the latest knowledge about wine branding and buyer behaviour for wine and spirits, how to build an effective online presence, and ultimately, how to deliver a successful growth strategy.

Culminating in a full-day tour of the Barossa Valley wine region, the group will have the opportunity to consult, critically review and assess the challenges faced by real wine operators.

Professor Herve Remaud, Director of KEDGE Global Executive MBA says the wine tour will provide an invaluable experience for all participants, from students to wine professionals.

“Winemaking is as much an art as it is a science,” Prof Remaud says.

“When people think of wine, they often think of the notion of “terroir”, the unique and specific factors that contribute to a wine’s mystique.

 “French wine is steeped in history, with much of its allure associated with its most celebrated wine regions – think Champagne, Burgundy and Bordeaux.

“But despite the success of the French wine industry, wine makers are also acutely aware of the scientific factors that contribute to their brand’s success, and this is where we draw on the expertise of Ehrenberg-Bass Institute.

“The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute’s knowledge of marketing science, brands, and consumer behaviour means we are exposed to different aspects of critical thinking and broader findings that we cannot access elsewhere.

“If France is to sustain its vibrant wine and tourist industry, we must learn modern marketing techniques; this is why we come to Australia, to work with the best.”

Renowned for its empirical approach to marketing, the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute is the home of evidence-based marketing. Recently ranked number one in the world for brand management research, its research is funded by many of the world’s biggest brands.

Senior Marketing Scientist at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science and organizer of the wine marketing course, Associate Professor Armando Corsi, says this study experience aims to deliver information in an innovative and engaging way.

“At UniSA we think about higher education in a different, more engaging way,” Assoc Prof Armando says.

“For us, running a course doesn’t mean taking a textbook and teaching that to students. Instead, it’s about bringing top academic and industry professionals into the classroom to learn from their experience, and taking course participants into the field to hear from those who run and manage the everyday business.

“It’s all about striving for that perfect balance, something that we really deliver on in this wine marketing course.” 

Assoc Prof Corsi says the combined profile of participants in the wine marketing course (KEGDE students from Bordeaux, London, India, Paris and Shanghai, and Australian participants) provide great benefits for the wine sector in Australia and overseas.

“The next generation of wine industry leaders will need to understand and appreciate the importance of being on top of the latest research development in wine and business marketing, and know how to apply these developments in a day-to-day context,” Assoc Prof Corsi says. 

“By bringing together the unique experiences of people undertaking this course, we’re helping build a savvy generation of wine and marketing professionals.

“This is the key to a thriving and surviving in today’s modern wine industry.”


Contact: Associate Professor Armando Corsi: +61 8 8302 0942 email: Armando.Corsi@unisa.edu.au

Media contact: Annabel Mansfield mobile: +61 417 717 504 email: Annabel.Mansfield@unisa.edu.au

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