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02 February 2017

Dictionary entry for the word CharityThe University of South Australia’s Ehrenberg Bass Institute will be making its own unique contribution to charity today by running a special free educational workshop - How to grow your charity - for more than 49 charities and not-for-profits in South Australia, from Zoos SA to Amnesty International.

The all-day workshop this Thursday, February 2, will feature evidence-based research from internationally renowned marketing professor, and author of How Brands Grow, Byron Sharp along with marketing research colleagues and Drs Margaret Faulkner and Cathy Nguyen.

“Many people feel charities are different from other markets, this also makes it an interesting sector to research from an academic perspective,” Dr Faulkner says.

 “I would be interested to see any evidence that our laws of marketing do not hold in the sector or that they need to be adapted or replaced, but from our research to date I believe the same rules hold true.

“I see how the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute’s Corporate Sponsors benefit from taking an evidence-based approach to marketing.

“There are no alternative facts, many years of data show how brands grow and armed with this knowledge marketers from both the charity and other sectors, can reduce wasting dollars on ineffective marketing efforts. 

“This is especially important for charities and not-for-profits because every dollar counts.”

She says the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute is keen to share it research findings and knowledge around supporter-behaviour in the charity and non-profit sector.

“This engagement also helps us to ensure the research questions we pose are relevant across the sector and we are keen to work with organizations to broaden our research base,” she says.

“Taking an evidence-based approach to marketing can help all brands to grow.”

Helping your charity grow – kicks off at 9 am at City West campus. The workshop will cover an introduction to marketing laws and their relevance to charities, understanding your brand in the minds of supporters and working out the important questions to answer. It will conclude with a special networking session for all attendees.


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