Futility: ICU and the voice of reason

Futility: ICU and the voice of reason


Tuesday 8 July 2014



with Associate Professor Charlie Corke, intensive care specialist

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In these modern times, swift catastrophic final illness is the exception.

For many people, death comes only after a long medical struggle with an incurable but chronic illness or results from the multiple debilities of very old age.  Death is certain, but the timing isn't.  Everyone struggles with this uncertainty – with how, and when, to accept that the time has come. 

This session will explore questions such as: how we can gracefully prepare and accept when it has become almost impossible to be sure when we are dying and when we are simply ill; and how do we need to change in order to use amazing medical technology more wisely?

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Charlie CorkeAssociate Professor Charlie Corke MB BS., BSc., MRCP(UK), FCICM

Charlie has been an intensive care medical specialist for more than 25 years, and has had a long interest in end of life decision-making.

His recent research with the Centre for the Study of Choice at the University of Technology in Sydney may cause us to radically rethink the way we think about treatment at the end of our lives.

He is a Board member of the College of Intensive Care Medicine and is the National Education Officer.