Anti-Poverty Week Q and A

Anti-Poverty Week
Q and A


Tuesday 14 October 2014




Podcast available HERE (mp3 format 22MB)

In this Q and A style session, discover prominent South Australians’ ideas on how we may tackle poverty, and the role you can play.

Facilitated by Dr Lynn Arnold, Deputy Chair National Anti-Poverty Week Committee, this is your opportunity to mark anti-poverty week, ask the questions which have puzzled you and discover what others are saying about the solution to poverty and how you might play your part.

Guest speakers include:

  • Katrine Hildyard MP, Member for Reynell
  • Hon Stephen Wade MLC
  • Kay Matthias, Manager, Rural Business Support
  • Alana James, Oaktree Foundation
  • Sarah Martin, journalist, The Australian
  • Sonia Waters, SA Aboriginal Advisory Council

When you register please add your question. We will attempt to answer as many as possible.  We would also welcome your attendance after the event for light refreshments and further discussion.



Co-presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and the Anti-Poverty Week Committee 


While the views presented by speakers within the Hawke Centre public program are their own and are not necessarily those of either the University of South Australia or The Hawke Centre, they are presented in the interest of open debate and discussion in the community and reflect our themes of: strengthening our democracy - valuing our diversity - and building our future.

The copying and reproduction of any transcripts within the Hawke Centre public program is strictly forbidden without prior arrangements.