Adelaide Festival of Ideas

University of South Australia Enterprise Oration

Delivered by José Ramos


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New futures need new skills, but we should also think about how systems create different futures. How do we interrogate future projections critically? How do we find alternatives to capitalism and globalisation? If cities are the nexus for transformation in the 21st century, how do we use them to create a world we can believe in?

The Inaugural University of South Australia Enterprise Oration will be delivered by Dr José Ramos. 

His work focuses on foresight-informed breakthrough design and innovation to enable systemic transformations. He is an advocate for commons-oriented change strategies, passionate about remaking governance for new political, economic and cultural systems that inspire and sustain.  In this talk he’ll touch on several key transformations we can expect from future cities and challenge slow-moving social structures by linking foresight to action.

Panel Discussion

The Oration will be a followed by a panel discussion with José Ramos, Scott Smith, Bridgette Engeler and Kristin Alford.

José Ramos works for Action Foresight, a consultancy and research group, who connect knowledge of the way the world is changing with their client’s vision of the kind of future that they want and value.

Scott Smith is founder of Changeist, an Amsterdam-based strategic foresight, research and consulting practice. He works with organisations from around the globe to shape sustainable, progressive futures. 

Bridgette Engeler is a Design and Foresight Educator from Swinburne University.

Kristin Alford is the inaugural Director of the University of South Australia's Science Creativity Education (Sci.C.Ed) StudioSci.C.Ed will be the nation’s newest interactive public science and creativity space. 


    Open State

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