In Sync with Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade: image by Steven Menendez

“It’s a revelation that calls for a revolution”
The Advertiser on Longing Lasts Longer

Thursday 3 March 2016


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Meet Penny Arcade: performance artist, author, actress and documentary-maker. A former ‘superstar’ of Andy Warhol’s Factory, Arcade is an enduring figure of 1960s New York counterculture.

Brash, funny and razor-sharp, Arcade’s body of work shows an ongoing preoccupation with themes of sexuality, censorship, gentrification and the avant-garde.

In this unique Hawke Centre lecture; Penny offers up an adventure in synchronicity. Using the issues that her audience will identify as being most important to them right now, through an improvisational style Penny will create a dynamic presentation and powerful exchange in which to address these shared issues.  

Penny last toured Australia with her internationally acclaimed sex and censorship show 'Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!' which premiered in Australia as part of the Adelaide Festival in 1994 and is currently performing her five star multi-award winning show, Longing Lasts Longer as part of the Adelaide Fringe. 

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