From the Galapagos to grapes

How is climate change affecting our environment and industry locally and globally?


Wednesday 17 April 2013



Podcast available HERE (mp3 format 30MB)

Has global warming stopped or is it slowing? What are the scientific facts behind the media speculation and what can be accounted for in terms of natural variability versus climate change from human influences? Globally, what changes are being seen from Arctic ice melt to sea level rise, increasing ocean acidity, and changes in tropical storms in the Pacific impacting on one of the world's most fragile environments...the UNESCO World Heritage Galapagos Islands? 

Closer to home, what are the impacts on South Australia's important agricultural and viticultural industries, and what role does adaptation play?




Darren Ray is Senior Meteorologist /Climatologist and Head of South Australian Climate Section, Bureau of Meteorology.  Darren Ray's career in the Bureau of Meteorology began in regional weather forecasting, before he followed a long-term interest in climate influences and trends in Australia and climate change science, into the South Australian Climate Section which he heads up. Darren's work includes analysis and monitoring of South Australian climate influences, seasonal and intra-seasonal forecasting, and analysis of trends in extreme temperature and rainfall in South Australia.

Dr Peter Hayman is Principal Scientist, Climate Applications,  South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI).  Peter is a Program leader, developing and delivering projects on the application of climate science to decision makers in grains, viticulture and natural resource management. He assesses and manages climate risk in agricultural systems.



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