EcoMapping™ and Environmental Management Systems

With Heinz-Werner Engel, Founder of EcoMapping™

Monday 7 September 2009

Powerpoint presentation from Heinz-Werner Engel (pdf format - 1.12MB)

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Heinz-Werner Engel founder of EcoMapping™ will discuss themes for development of simple environmental management systems and trends in using such tools in environmental management within Europe. EcoMapping™ is used extensively within the context of EMAS (Eco Management & Audit Scheme) within the EU and enables SME (small to medium enterprises) to engage in simple environmental change.

Heinz will discuss what he considers to be the future of EcoMapping™ in Australia, the way forward and possible collaborative environmental management opportunities between Australia and the EU.


Heinz-Werner Engel has been active in the environmental field for 30 years as a senior environmental counsellor in services linked to environmental protection in Belgium and throughout Europe. He has extensive training experience at a European and international level with a focus on the EU's Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) and ISO 14001 in different sectors and cluster implementations.

His core expertise is the creation of participative management tools for small and micro companies in European Union accession countries and in developing countries. International trade, eco-marketing, management of NGO structures, as well as solid skills in management and environmental auditing of smaller companies fall within his scope of expertise.

Heinz has developed a number of instruments for SMEs to help them implement environmental management, including Ecomapping and EMAS/ISO easy, which are the worldwide reference for environmental management in small business and have been distributed in over 80 countries. He is involved in EMAS / ISO 14001 implementation in the public sector in Belgium, France, the Baltic States and emerging economies.

Considered as one of the world leading experts in EMS systems and small business applications, Heinz is representing INEM in the ISO/TC 207 Working Group and in the European Article 14 Committee for the revision of EMAS. His writings have been translated in more than 30 language and his tools Ecomapping and EMAS/ISO Easy are used worldwide.

Heinz serves on the panel of EMS experts for the Canadian-based 14.001 Registry. He has developed outstanding contacts in the fields of environmental standards setting, codes and regulations and their application, thus allowing him to participate in high-level training and coaching of executives.

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