West Papua and East Timor Today

An evening with author John Martinkus

Saturday 22 March

The Australia West Papua Association, Adelaide (AWPA), the Australian East Timor Friendship Association and The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre of the University of South Australia

John Martinkus is a renowned investigative journalist and writer who has covered the conflict in East Timor for the Sydney Morning Herald, The New Zealand Herald, The Bulletin and AAP since 1995. His account of the period in East Timor from 1997 -2000, titled “A Dirty Little War” was published by Random House in 2001 and was short-listed for the 2002 NSW Premier’s Awards.

In 2002 he travelled to West Papua as a correspondent for The Bulletin and was commissioned to write Quarterly Essay 7 “Paradise Betrayed - West Papua’s struggle for Independence”. He is currently researching a book on conflicts in Indonesia (to be published in 2004) and remains a regular visitor to West Papua and Aceh.

Also presenting will be Franciscus Uweng
Franciscus Uweng is a West Papuan asylum seeker resident in Australia since August 2002. He was imprisoned for ten years during the Suharto regime for promoting Papuan Independence. Franciscus advocates a peaceful struggle to reach independence and is involved in the Zone of Peace campaign with churches and human rights organisations.

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