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Applying authentic contexts in STEM Teacher education

The University of South Australia, School of Education welcomes the opportunity to work with industry partners to broaden the experiences of our STEM pre-service teachers. The importance of STEM education in Australia has been highlighted in recent reports where the increasing demand for STEM graduates, and declining numbers of students in some areas of STEM, has called for the need for improved teaching in the areas of Science and Mathematics. Student engagement with STEM is influenced by many factors including their previous experience with STEM subjects, as well as the perceived importance of STEM in industry (Education Council 2015)*. Government initiatives to strengthen STEM teaching and learning such as the 'Restoring the focus on STEM in schools Initiative' (https://www.studentsfirst.gov.au/restoring-focus-stem-schools-initiative) has prompted the renewed need to creating future leaders in STEM teaching.

This project will provide an opportunity to prepare and support Design and Technology, Science and Mathematics pre-service teachers to become STEM education leaders. It will provide pre-service teachers with the skills and experience to develop sustainable school-industry partnerships during their studies at University, which will carry through into their teaching careers.

*Education Council 2015, National STEM School Education Strategy 2016–2026 
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