UniSA's Australian Flow Management Group is an internationally accredited laboratory with highly specialised capabilities in the area of water management. 

We undertake both physical and desktop based research in the following areas:

  • Water engineering hydraulics
  • Irrigation
  • Flood studies
  • Water sensitive urban design
  • water harvesting 

Water Sensitive Urban Design: Basic Procedures for 'Source Control' of Stormwater

The stormwater ‘source control’ approach to Water Sensitive Urban Design offered here is part a major shift in how we approach the planning, design and water infrastructure servicing of our cities and towns.

Edited by John Argue

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Storm Drainage Design in Small Urban Catchments

This 130 page special report into storm drainage design was written by John R Argue and was published by the Australian Road Research Board.

Written by John Argue

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ARR2016 Review Report

This report presents the results of an application of the 2016 Australian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR2016) procedures for flood flow estimation in 25 of the catchments in the Mount Lofty Ranges of South Australia.

Written by David Kemp Dr. Guna Hewa

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Impact of disturbance on Clamp on Ultrasonic Water Meters

Two researchers examine Ultrasonic Water Meters.jpgThe technology employed in water metering has improved markedly in recent years. Currently, many electronic meters are manufactured with ultrasonic or magnetic flow metrology technologies.

One approach to adopting ultrasonic technology is where sensors can be clamped onto existing pipework without compromising the pipe, to perform a temporary or permanent water flow measurement.

This method can be used to test the accuracy of a permanently installed conventional water meter.

This report presents the results of a study conducted to evaluate the impact of water flow disturbances on the measurement accuracy of non-invasive ultrasonic water meters. In this study, the error of measurement performance of five clamp on ultrasonic water meters was examined when the meters were attached to various pipe types (PVC, HDPE and Steel) and sizes (200, 300 and 600 mm).

Written by John AwadBaden Myers

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