With more than 2500 industry partners around the world, UniSA offers a pragmatic, flexible and distinctive approach to engagement and collaboration.

Our ability to drive global research impact is enabled by our long-standing and distinctive approach to intellectual property. Our IP principles outline a commitment to providing timely and commercially-reasonable access to our IP, expertise and capabilities as well as being flexible and easy to do business with.

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Case Study: Myriota

Founded in 2015, Myriota Pty Ltd seeks to revolutionise machine-to-machine (M2M) communications across a range of industries, capitalising on the University of South Australia’s telecommunications research. Commercialising new technologies developed by UniSA’s Institute for Telecommunications Research, Myriota uses low earth orbit satellites to provide two-way data connectivity for remote sensors and devices.

Industry analysts have estimated that global M2M revenue will grow to $1.2 trillion by 2022.

Dr Alex Grant, Chief Executive Officer of Myriota, says these services have a range of applications which can benefit ecosystem management, monitoring of climates, defence, national security, maritime, mining, agriculture and more. UniSA Vice Chancellor, Professor David Lloyd describes the formation of Myriota Pty Ltd as one of the most significant industry and university collaborations to take place in Australia.

Myriota circuit board

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