The following resources and opportunities are available for UniSA students, alumni, and community members to study social entrepreneurship or participate in experiential learning.

Study opportunities

A range of opportunities exist at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate level for students to study social business principles, or undertake experiential learning working on real-world problems faced by community organisations.

Bachelor of Business (Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

Bachelor of Business (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) is designed to give students a broad overview of innovation in the context of business and entrepreneurship. It includes key courses which specifically cover starting small and growing enterprises, design thinking, and social impact, and value creation in new ventures:

Electives (all disciplines)

Startup Studio (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) provides students from any discipline with practical experience in enterprise formation. It equips students with the applied knowledge, practical tools and expertise to develop and design a scalable and innovative business model, and connects students with industry mentors and expert advisers through the Innovation and Collaboration Centre.

Match Studio Projects (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) delivers opportunities for students to work collaboratively on client-focused projects for community organisations, social enterprises, green industries, or clients from health and wellbeing or education. Students participate in client briefings, undertake project focused research, and work independently and collaboratively on concept and design development and artefact production, project documentation and presentation.

Community Service Learning Project (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) provides students with an opportunity to apply their university knowledge to a community service project in partnership with a community organisation. The project requires students to understand the needs of their community partners and those of their stakeholders, work in teams to solve real problems experienced by community organisations, and become 'reflective practitioners' developing problem solving skills and personal growth as a learner and citizen.

Study Tours

UniSA Business offers a range of study tours for students to learn and study how business operates in a different country. Upcoming tours include a Scotland Study Tour in July 2020 to learn more about consumer marketing in a social and population health context, and a Vietnam Study Tour in December 2020 which explores how Vietnamese governance and law policies are creating a positive economic environment for social enterprises to flourish.


Match Studio offers a range of one-off and multi-session workshops for teachers, business, government and community organisations. The workshops build awareness, skills and capacity for ‘user-centred design’, ‘co-design’ and ‘design thinking’ approaches. Participants then apply these learnings to stimulate innovation in their organisations and enhance the way they think. The workshops provide a cost-effective engagement with the University’s diverse knowledge resource.


Participation in co-curricular activities helps UniSA graduates to stand out as enterprising, global citizens. As well as providing a community benefit, participating in social enterprise activities - either through volunteering in a social enterprise, undertaking a placement or internship, or even starting your own social enterprise - may be eligible for recognition through UniSA+.


Resources for Social Enterprises

We’re here to help! The following University areas can help social enterprises to get established and find their feet.

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