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UniSA’s Social Enterprise Hub connects staff and students to each other and the broader community to nurture and develop creative solutions for pressing social problems.

UniSA is driving business and social change in key sectors including ageing, homelessness, disability, domestic violence, inequality, marginalization, affordable housing, mental health, sustainability, and child protection.

UniSA Yunus Centre for Social Business 

UniSA Yunus Centre for Social Business provides a unique opportunity for students to learn how business principles can be applied to support the most marginalised groups move out of poverty.

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The Australian Alliance for Social Enterprise (TAASE)

The Australian Alliance for Social Enterprise (TAASE) engages with people and communities, and partners with the organisations which serve them, in order to produce research which enables evidence-led change for the social service sector and people in need of social support.

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Match Studio

Match Studio is a dynamic research and learning space where interdisciplinary teams of students, academics and researchers engage with clients to talk, think, learn, and co-create innovative solutions to real-world challenges.

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Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) Research Centre

Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) Research Centre is a cross-disciplinary research Centre that is influencing and improving policy development in relation to housing and urban needs.

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Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE) 

Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE) focuses on community engagement and impact through culturally and religiously responsive education, and leadership processes and governance. Current projects are also addressing Islamic financial literacy, and domestic and family violence in faith-based communities.

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Centre for Workplace Excellence (CWeX)

Centre for Workplace Excellence (CWeX) explores social issues that impact on work and employment, and identifies the ways work and employment can be a solution for marginalisation and other social issues.

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China-Australia Centre for Sustainable Development

China-Australia Centre for Sustainable Development focuses on sustainable urban development and associated environmental and social issues in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Community Service Learning Project

The Community Service Learning Project allows students from all disciplines to apply their university learning to a range of rewarding community projects. Students must understand the needs of their stakeholders, work in teams to solve real problems experienced by community organisations, and become 'reflective practitioners' developing problem-solving skills and personal growth.

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Design Construct

Design Construct provides design, architecture and engineering students with hands-on opportunities to empower communities by building unique and custom-designed buildings in remote Australia and developing countries. The longest-running project provides communities in Vanuatu with custom-designed tourist facilities which help to generate sustainable income.

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Design Research for Health and Wellbeing

Design Research for Health and Wellbeing uses creative practice-based research methods to devise and implement environments, products and services that respond to issues in health care such as non-communicable disease management, preventative care, antibiotic resistance, and ageing communities.

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Positive Futures

Positive Futures is developing evidence-led approaches to improve the lives of Aboriginal children in care and protection systems. The research team work with parents, children and the community to adequately address the complex issues that will lead to long-term, sustainable progress in the area of child protection.

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Healthy Environments, Healthy People Group

Healthy Environments, Healthy People Group, based in the Australian Centre for Precision Health, provides opportunities for the general public to participate in citizen science activities in partnership with the Office for Ageing Well. Outcomes including connecting, empowering and educating the participants, while obtaining research data on the environment in which we live.

Visit the Healthy Environments, Healthy People Group


Open Door Health Justice Clinic

Open Door Health Justice Clinic provides quality physiotherapy, podiatry and legal services free of charge to adults in crisis or experiencing homelessness in South Australia, and gives final year students practical experience assisting people with complex needs. The initiative is run in partnership with the Salvation Army.

Visit the Open Door Health Justice Clinic website


UniSA Tax Clinic

UniSA Tax Clinic operates from UniSA’s City West campus and from the Hackham West Community Centre and provides free tax advice, representation, education and advocacy to members of the community with limited access. The service is also available to small businesses and social enterprises, along with the Legal Advice Clinic and Marketing Clinic..

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Businesses Cannot Succeed on a Failing Planet

12:00pm-12:45pm, Wednesday 29 July 2020

According to a study published in the journal Science, four out of the nine planetary boundaries (which define the safety limits for the existence of life on the planet) have been already crossed. Balancing economic, environmental, and social sustainability presents one of the most significant challenges confronting businesses, governments, and societies today. Driven by stakeholder pressures, nearly 80 percent of CEOs now consider social and environmental sustainability as a key strategic area. Sustainability and ethical challenges are increasingly being labelled as the “grand challenges” of our times. COVID-19 provides us with opportunities to reimagine the future.

Join Dr Sukhbir Sandhu, Senior Lecturer in Sustainability and Ethics at the University of South Australia, as she shares her research on how leaders need to urgently reimagine businesses so that recovery from COVID-19 and maximization of return on capital can be balanced by imagination, passion, and trust - required to navigate the shift from growth to sustainable development.

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Staff & Student Food Drive

Wednesday 19 - Thursday 20 August 2020

UniSA is teaming up with Foodbank SA to help feed the hungry. 2020 has been a tough year and there has been an increased demand for food relief in our community. Many of those in need are our international students - and we want to help.

We will be collecting food donations in Foodbank donation bins and at pop-up events on campus on Wednesday 19 August and Thursday 20 August at all four metropolitan campuses. If you're able to give, please do and help those in our community facing food insecurity.

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Low Carbon Housing Webinar

4:30pm-6:00pm, Thursday 20th August 2020

The UniSA Research Node for Low Carbon Living is hosting a webinar on the theme 'Low Carbon Housing' as part of the Industry Friends Forum series.

The series provides an opportunity for industry, government and the community to engage with the UniSA Node (the Research Node for Low Carbon Living) and to connect with each other. It is a way to bring organisations with carbon challenges together with organisations with low carbon solutions. 

There will be a live Q&A with all speakers as a panel at the end of the presentations.

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