About the study

International students play a key role in supporting the nation’s productivity growth and improving living standards over time, using their levels of educational attainment can improve productivity in the workforce and employment. International students appear to face unique challenges regarding their transition to the domestic nursing workforce such as language/communication barriers, adjustment to the cultural beliefs and values of the host country, financial and visa challenges, differences in the education system and barriers to social inclusion: discrimination and prejudice. Since little is known regarding the experiences of international nursing students and new graduates, the primary objective of this research is to gain a clear and detailed understanding of the transition of international nursing students from undergraduate study at Australian universities to the Australian nursing workforce to better support positive and successful transitions from student to new graduate nurse.

Our research seeks to collect and synthesise quantitative and qualitative evidence and examine relevant policies that may impact the transition of international nursing students to the Australian nursing workforce to develop recommendations for policy, practice, and research to better enable supportive and successful transitions to practice. Since international nursing students have attained their qualifications from Australian universities, it will be better to utilize the available human resources for the benefit of our nursing workforce.

Eligibility Requirements

Final-year international undergraduate nursing student a temporary student visa

Contact details

for more information or to register your interest, please contact Della John McKitterick on (08) 8302 1158 or email della.john_mckitterick@mymail.unisa.edu.au

Survey link: https://redcap.link/internationalnursingstudentsurvey

This project has been granted ethics approval by the UniSA Human Research Ethics Committee (Application 202763)