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The influence of snacking on promoting weight loss and protecting against weight regain

The primary aim of this project is to investigate whether the inclusion of almonds or low-fat carbohydrate-rich snack foods, in an energy restricted diet (i.e. a diet that provides fewer kilojoules than you currently consume) improves weight loss and limits weight regain. We are also interested in seeing whether there are improvements in cardiovascular, liver and gut health and changes in sleep patterns, quality of life, pain and functional mobility.

You might be eligible if you are:

  • Aged 25-65 years.
    • Overweight with BMI between 27.5 -34.9 kg/m2.
    • Non-smoker (minimum 6 months cessation).
    • Weight stable (within 5kg) in the past 3 months.

Participation in the study would include:

  • 3-month weight loss phase followed by a 6-month weight maintenance phase (9 months in total).
  • During the weight loss phase, you will follow an energy restricted diet that includes almonds or low- fat carbohydrate-rich snacks (e.g. such as pretzels, rice crackers, oven-baked fruit cereal bar).
  • During weight maintenance, your energy intake will be increased slightly to maintain your weight, with the quantity of almonds or control snack foods increased in line with your higher total energy intake.
  • Two screening appointments (45 mins and 75 mins respectively) prior to commencement of the study; 6 longer clinical appointments (2.0- 3.0 hours each); and 11 shorter visits (approx. 30 minutes each) over the 9-month period.

You will receive:

  • A supply of test snack foods for the 9 months of the study
  • Dietary counselling for weight loss and maintenance.
  • An honorarium of $400.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information about the study please contact us email: unisa.researchvolunteers@unisa.edu.au  or Ph: 8302 1365

This project has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee of the University of South Australia.