About the study:

The University of South Australia is investigating the effects of a 10 x monthly session individual supervision intervention on client outcomes, therapist self-efficacy and therapist symptoms of burnout.

The study requires 20 months of involvement: 10 months of active supervision and 10 months of either baseline monitoring or follow-up.

Eligibility criteria:

We are looking for psychologists or other mental health workers (e.g., social workers, mental health nurses, psychiatrists) who provide empirically supported psychological therapies (e.g., CBT, ACT, Schema Therapy, DBT) to adult outpatient clients on average at least 8 hours per week.

Participants must be fully registered or qualified to practice psychological therapies independently, as determined by government authorities. Psychologist registrars are welcome.

Provisional psychologists are not eligible. Participants who have restrictions on their registration, or whose professional conduct is under review by AHPRA, a professional society or their workplace are not eligible.

Participants must be willing to be randomly assigned to either immediate or delayed supervision.

Requirements and benefits of the study

Participants receive 10 free monthly sessions of supervision with an experienced clinical psychologist, available via videoconference or in-person.

Although results cannot be guaranteed, it is hoped that the supervision program will improve client outcomes and enhance therapist confidence and reduce risk of burnout.

Participants are required to collect outcome questionnaire data from as many clients as consent throughout the 20-month study.

Contact details for more information or to register your interest

Email Dr Matthew Smout: matthew.smout@unisa.edu.au