About the study

Researchers at UniSA (The University of South Australia), TQEH (The Queen Elizabeth Hospital) and the RAH (Royal Adelaide Hospital) are seeking volunteer research participants to learn about the differences in the structure of healthy skin as compared to psoriatic skin. This information will help us to design better anti-psoriasis treatments.

 This study has been approved by ethics (CALHN 14157, UniSA 203649)

Eligibility requirements

 The study might be a good fit if you either:

✔ Have plaque psoriasis (diagnosed by a doctor)


✔ Have healthy skin (no skin disorder) And you also:

✔ Are aged between 18-64 years;

✔ Do not have any type of blood clotting disorder or wound healing disorder;

✔ Do not have any allergies to pain relief medication, skin disinfectant or wound dressings;

✔ Are not taking blood thinning medication or any biological therapies;

✔ Are not pregnant or breastfeeding;

✔Have not participated in another clinical trial where you have been given an investigational drug or vaccine in the last 30 days; and

✔Are not currently receiving medication for an active infection

Benefits of the study

50 AUD Myer gift card will be provided to participants upon completion of the study.

Contact details or to register your interest

Email: unisa.researchvolunteers@unisa.edu.au

phone: 08 8302 1365