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Language and Cognition across the Lifespan


  • Between the ages of 40-85
  • Right-handed
  • Native English speakers
  • Not have learnt a second language before age 5
  • No history of psychiatric or neurological disorders
  • No diagnosis of intellectual or language impairment
  • Normal or corrected-to-normal eyesight and hearing

Participation involves 2 sessions, which can be done on the same day or over two days in a week at the Magill campus of Unisa.

Session 1 (1.5 hours) involves completing a series of short tasks designed to examine different cognitive abilities such as memory, language and problem solving. This will involve you sitting down with an experimenter and responding to their questions or following their instructions as they guide you through the different tasks.

Session 2 (3 hours) involves listening to a series of short passages and occasionally answering questions about their content. At the same time, we will record your brain activity via a technique called electroencephalography (EEG). This technique is non-invasive and does not pose any risks. It involves wearing a cap on your head with many recording disks. A small amount of gel will be placed between each recording disk and your head via a blunt-tipped syringe

Compensation! You will receive a $100 EFTPOS VISA card to thank you for your time

Please access our online booking system via https://unisa-psw.sona-systems.com, or contact Isabella Sharrad by email at isabella.sharrad@mymail.unisa.edu.au or by phone on 8302 4066

This project has been approved by the University of South Australia's Human Research Ethics Committee. (Approval Number 36348)