Investigating visual perception in real and virtual environments

About the study

This study aims to understand how we perceive visual information in both real-world and virtual environments. These results will be compared to the performance of people with chronic pain (whose data are already being collected). Any differences that are identified between healthy people and those with chronic pain could be used to develop new assessment techniques or treatments to reduce pain.

Participants are required to attend a single in-person assessment at the University of South Australia City East campus (approximately 30min). During this session, participants will fill out questionnaires on the computer and participate in visual perception tasks, in both real and virtual environments. These tasks are about how the environment looks (e.g., distances to targets, or steepness of a hill).

Between sessions we will collect physical activity data. Participants will be asked to wear a monitor on their wrist (like a watch) for the week, before mailing it back to the researchers in a pre-paid envelope.

Eligibility requirements

  • No current pain or history of a chronic pain condition
  • No neurological conditions
  • No cognitive impairments
  • Normal or corrected to normal (e.g., while wearing glasses) vision


You will receive a  $20 honorarium after completing the assessment.

Contact details for more information or to register your interest

Contact Erin Macintyre via email at or phone on 0481 218 045.

You can also take the screening survey by clicking this link: