About the study:

Supportive shoes and textured insoles have helped adults with movement concerns, we are investigating if they can do the same for the 1 in 20 children with motor coordination issues.

The aim of this study is to look at whether shoes alone or shoes plus textured insoles can improve balance and endurance in children with known motor coordination issues. Children will be asked to complete a series of simple balance and walking tests at a UniSA health clinic (City West or Magill campus), will be measured and fitted for ASICS sneakers (with or without a textured insole), and asked to wear them for 4 weeks before returning to have the same balance and walking tests completed again. We will also ask the child (or parent/carer) to fill in a weekly diary on how the shoes feel, if there have been any issues with wearing them etc., and have a 10-minute phone consult with the parent/carer at the end.

Eligibility requirements:

Children must be aged between 5 and 12 years who have been previously diagnosed with motor coordination issues or are assessed with motor coordination issues following assessment from the UniSA physiotherapy services.

If parents/carers are unsure about whether or not this applies to their child/ren, UniSA physiotherapy services can assess children’s eligibility for this study at no cost. This must be indicated to the reception staff prior to making a booking as children will need to attend a dedicated clinic session for this purpose.


Children will receive a fitted pair of ASICS contend sneakers (with or without a textured insole) that are theirs to keep, and will be sent a $25 Coles/Myer voucher once the final phone consult is completed.


South Australian enquiries:

If you are interested in participating in the study please contact the Clinical Trials Facility at unisa.researchvolunteers@unisa.edu.au or (08) 8302 1365.

Victorian enquiries:

If you are interested in participating in the study please contact Kingston Foot Clinic at (03) 9585 8144.

For further information and enquiries please contact Dr. Helen Banwell at (08) 8302 1256.

This project has been approved by the University of South Australia's Human Research Ethics Committee (Ethics Protocol 204442).