Brain control of movement

Participants wanted

Researchers at The University of South Australia are conducting experiments to investigate the effect of past illicit drug use on brain control of movement. Participants must be 40-50 years of age. Participants with and without a history of illicit drug use are invited to participate.

Each experiment takes about 2.5 hours and you will sit in a comfortable chair. You will be asked to provide urine for routine drug screening. You will then be asked to complete a series of questionnaires and neurological tests and to perform tests that assess hand function. These tests will involve tapping your finger as fast as possible, placing pegs in holes as fast as possible, lifting a light weight object (~345 g), and tracking a target line on a computer screen with movements of your index finger. The activity of your muscles will be recorded through surface electrodes stuck on the skin. Tremor will be assessed with a small accelerometer (~3 mm x 3 mm) glued onto your fingernail.

All participants will be compensated for their time ($10 per hour).

For more information and to register your interest please contact the Sansom Clinical Trial Facility on (08) 8302 1365 or email

This study has been approved by the University of South Australia Human Research Ethics Committee