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Are you a breast or colorectal cancer survivor?

Have you noticed changes in your memory or thinking since you were diagnosed?

Help us understand how cancer-related cognitive changes might relate to cancer survivors’ lifestyle

What is the study? We want to understand more about how lifestyle factors might impact thinking and memory problems that cancer survivors often experience.

Who can participate? Anyone that has:

  • Been diagnosed with breast or colorectal cancer as an adult in the past 5 years
  • Noticed changes in their ability to think, memory, or concentration since being diagnosed.
  • Not currently undergoing treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy)
  • and is aged 18-75 years old

What does it involve? A 10 minute phone call to determine eligibility, and a 45-minute interview (in-person at UniSA-Magill campus, or over the phone) about your cancer experience, memory, thinking and lifestyle factors such as diet.

For your contribution :     A $20 gift card and the satisfaction of helping cancer survivor research.

How do I participate? Register your interest by phoning Daniel (primary researcher & PhD candidate) on 8302 1968 or emailing daniel.coro@mymail.unisa.edu.au.