Annual Rhythms in Adults’ lifestyle and health (ARIA study)

Researchers at the University of South Australia are conducting a study to investigate health and wellbeing of parents with primary school aged children. This study is called Annual Rhythms in Adults’ lifestyle and health (ARIA).

We are seeking male and female adults aged 18-65 years, who:

  • Are parents/guardians of a child aged 5-12 years
  • Own a smartphone
  • Speak English
  • Are willing to wear a Fitbit and weigh themselves daily
  • Live in greater Adelaide

Participants in this study will need to:

  • Have a once-off visit from our friendly research team at home to get started
  • Wear a Fitbit activity tracker on their wrist and weigh themselves daily until December next year (2021)
  • Complete 9 online questionnaires about health, wellbeing, and diet throughout the study period

Participants who finish the study will keep their Fitbit activity tracker and scales and receive $100 in thanks for their time.

If you’d like to participate, please click this link to complete the expression of interest form: 

For more information, please contact the research team at