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Understanding, treatment and prevention of chronic diseases

‘Healthy Futures’ research encompasses a holistic view of health, including physical, mental, social, environmental, and community health research. It is concerned with bringing insights about health to the people who need it, educating individuals and communities, and providing a framework for wellbeing across the lifespan. We do this across research disciplines, from investigating at a cellular level to the analysis of populations. ‘Healthy Futures’ research focuses on discovery, translation, implementation and evaluation, ensuring that insights are shared, and positive change is enacted.

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Research stories


Enterprising Research: Disrupting the cycle of disadvantage

Professor Leonie Segal


Enterprising Research: Support services for youth from refugee backgrounds

Dr Melanie Baak


Enterprising Research: Fighting fatigue in the workplace

Associate Professor Siobhan Banks


Enterprising Research: Detecting placental insufficiency in pregnant women

Professor Janna Morrison


Enterprising Research: Determining the role of lipids during wound healing

Professor Allison Cowin


Enterprising Research: preclinical assessment of antimicrobial drugs against wound infections

Dr Zlatko Kopecki


Enterprising Research: When should a person be discharged in a community mental health setting?

Professor Nicholas Procter


Enterprising Research: Bringing electrophysiological diagnostics into the real world

Professor Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky


Enterprising Research: Understanding preferences of patients with chronic conditions

Dr Gillian Caughey


Enterprising Research: Do high quality habitats reduce disease prevalence?

Dr Gunnar Keppel

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We invite you to reach out and explore the exciting opportunities for your organisation to partner with UniSA. For more information and to connect with us please contact:

Professor Andy KoroniosAndy.Koronios@unisa.edu.au
Ph: (08) 8302 9129

Natalie FordeNatalie.forde@unisa.edu.au
Ph: (08) 8302 5854

Demi Kastanos: Demi.Kastanos@unisa.edu.au
Ph: (08) 8302 6566


To engage with our “Healthy Futures” research theme, please contact Professor Susan Hillier via research.themes@unisa.edu.au

Further Research Theme Steering Group members:

Erica Donner
Jill Dorrian
Jiuyong Li
Jon Buckley
Krasi Vasilev
Libby Roughead
Martin Jones
Nicholas Procter
Svetlana Bogomolova

For a full list of UniSA’s Research Theme Steering Groups, click here.

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