Lochiel Park is arguably Australia's most environmentally sustainable residential estate. Started from a vision to create the nation's model green village, Lochiel Park has been a showcase of environmentally sustainable technologies and practices. Since the estate's inception, the University of South Australia has been involved in shaping the environmental targets, monitoring performance, and undertaking an extensive research program. This multidisciplinary living laboratory, located in suburban Adelaide, has helped create a detailed understanding of low carbon homes and their impact, informing sustainable housing decisions throughout the world.

Conducting Lochiel Park research has involved a variety of partnerships. The University of South Australia acknowledges the important role these partners have played, including: the State Government of South Australia's land development agency, Renewal SA, for their ongoing, continuing partnership as stewards of this residential estate; the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living recognising Lochiel Park as a national living laboratory; CSIRO and their involvement in national research projects; and, most importantly, the residents of Lochiel Park for their continued participation, allowing the research to happen.

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Professor Wasim Saman
Lochiel Park Green Village: Australia’s Living Laboratory

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Creating a sense of community: The case study of Lochiel Park

The creation of new suburbs in our burgeoning cities does not typically lead to the creation of vibrant and supportive communities. Whilst the literature points to many health, social welfare and other reasons for establishing a engaged community, typically urban developers build clusters of homes linked more by roadways than a by a sense of community.

Using a case study from the Lochiel Park residential estate in Adelaide, South Australia, this paper explores how a deliberate policy goal has manifested in the creation of a vibrant and supportive community. Extensive interviews from 25 households in the case study estate, allow us understand how residents engage with formal and informal community activities, and how they perceive the value of the sense of community.

Creating a sense of community

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Experiencing Low Carbon Living

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