Review of the Ethnic Schools Program of South Australia

Ethic Schools

Bantu Ethnic School. Photo by Ethnic Schools Association of South Australia

The Project

This project, commissioned by the Ethnic Schools Association of South Australia, addresses the question of how best to manage provision and support for the community languages programs offered in ‘ethnic schools’. It involves gathering information from those involved in the programs (students, teachers, parents, administrators, community representatives) and other interested stakeholders on current provisions and their suggestions for improvement. Areas of focus for this process include: 

  1.  Policy settings
  2.  The student experience
  3.  Curriculum, teaching, learning, assessment
  4.  Teacher development and support in Ethnic Schools program
  5.  Evaluation and quality assurance
  6.  Qualities, values and recognition
  7.  Any other comments

In addition, the project involves a substantial amount of data analysis and consideration of such provision in different parts of Australia and beyond.

The timeline for this project is 1 August 2017 – 30 April 2018. A report will be developed to offer recommendations for further developing this form of provision of languages education in South Australia.


Associate Prof Angela Scarino
Dr Michelle Kohler