Provision of Curriculum Services for Chinese Bilingual School and Plympton International College

Commissioned by the Department of Education and Child Development

Chinese Bilingual School AsPr Angela Scarino, AsPr Kathleen Heugh, Xuan (Anne) Li (PhD student), Kate Loechel, Kathy Purvis, Lihua Jin

This project team is working in collaboration with the Department of Education and Child Development and Plympton International College, which was chosen as the site for South Australia’s first Chinese Bilingual School. One-third of the students at this school speak a language other than English. The role of the RCLC team is to develop curricula and provide related professional development, monitoring and evaluation of the bilingual program. They have designed a curriculum for R–3 and Year 8 Chinese (for a lesson a day) and an integrated Year 3 bilingual program that includes Humanities and Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education, and The Arts. This is a ten-year project and the team has successfully undertaken all of the curriculum development needed for the commencement of the program.

AsPr Angela Scarino & AsPr Kathleen Heugh, with their team working on the Chinese Bilingual School Project have submitted the first set of materials and professional learning to support the opening of the first bilingual Chinese/English school in South Australia.