We invite scholars, educational institutions, industry and government to engage with us and tap into our unique knowledge and research resources.

The Research Centre for Languages and Cultures can provide your organisation or project with access to highly skilled academic researchers and research students, with national and international expertise.

Collaborative research

The Centre's work is embedded in a worldwide research network. To stay at the cutting edge of research our researchers regularly engage with international scholars, travelling abroad to collaborate and contribute to international conferences in the field. We maintain productive collaborative relationships with several distinguished international scholars.

We carry out research in diverse settings in collaboration with a range of partners from large to small, including:

  • government departments at all levels in Australia
  • education jurisdictions of all types
  • professionals in a range of fields
  • international organisations
  • universities and research centres in Australia
  • not-for-profit organisations
  • individual schools across Australia
  • teachers and students

Partner with us

If you can see the potential benefit of collaborating with us, or if you would like to discuss your research ideas, please feel free to get in touch.