SCHED is a multidisciplinary design studio developing processes, methods and knowledge to design and develop complex human environments focused on the human factors of the product or environment.

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We are focused on human factors and usability for high stakes, high intensity contexts and isolated and confined environments.

The approach is based on internationally recognized human centered design principles and practices that have been tailored to the specific needs of developing technically complex and demanding environments. It is based on engagement with the end users to ensure the design team understand the user needs so that the solution is fit for purpose. This process is based on user engagement and co-design deploying virtual reality and physical prototyping at all stages to develop, simulate and communicate the design proposals.


SCHED works with research groups in biomechanics, psychology, and interactive and virtual environments to develop integrated solutions that address the technical, physiological and psychological requirements.


The outcome of the process is grounded, practical user focused design proposals expressed with physical prototypes, virtual reality, fly troughs and functional artefacts. This includes documentation of the process providing the evidence base for the design including literature reviews and reports of the user engagement workshops and outcomes.


Our research is focused on how human centered design works process and methods operate in these highly technical and complex contexts.

Industry and User Engagement

We have worked closely with defense industries including DST, Lockheed Martin Australia, Naval Group Australia, and SAAB Australia. We have worked closely with the Royal Australian Navy to understand what life is like for submariners and have developed a rich and deep understanding of what it is like to live in these isolated and confined environments.


SCHED is made up of a group of designers with extensive and diverse design expertise and experience.