Bridging the emotional gap between human and technology

The Empathic Computing Laboratory (ECL) is an academic research collaboration between the University of South Australiand the University of Auckland and explores new ways for technology to enable people to better understand one another.

Empathic computing is a research field that develops computer systems that recognise and share emotions and help people better understand one another. Our team is working to make empathic computing mainstream and investigate both software and hardware components to enable this technology, along with researching the usability of such interfaces. 

Snow Dome: A multi-scale interaction in mixed reality remote collaboration

We present Snow Dome, a Mixed Reality (MR) remote collaboration application that supports a multi-scale interaction for a Virtual Reality (VR) user. We share a local Augmented Reality (AR) user’s reconstructed space with a remote VR user who has an ability to scale themselves up into a giant or down into a miniature for different perspectives and interaction at that scale within the shared space.

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