Consumer preferences for shop trading hours


Retail trading hour regulations vary across Australia. Over the past decade, most states have introduced full or partial deregulation. Deregulation means that retailers either chose when to open (full deregulation) or shopping hours are extended during the week and retailers can open Sundays and public holidays (partial deregulation). 

South Australia is one of the last states to deregulate retail trading hours. Trading hours vary across the state. Most of regional South Australia is deregulated, but Sunday and public holiday trade remains highly regulated in greater Adelaide.

Business SA wanted to identify consumers’ preferences and attitudes towards shop trading hours across these three regions of SA.

An online survey was given to 572 people across SA. The survey asked respondents to compare hypothetical future trading hours with their current hours, based on their location. From respondents’ choices, the new, alternative trading hours were ranked from most preferred to least preferred.

For shoppers who currently face restricted trading hours in greater Adelaide, and Naracoorte, Adelaide Plains and Wattle Range council areas, their current hours were their least preferred option. Shoppers in deregulated areas liked their current trading hours best.

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