The University of South Australia’s Images of Research & Teaching competition celebrates the breadth and diversity of our innovation, and the people who make it happen.




Images of Research and Teaching 2021 winners and finalists

Congratulations to the Images of Research and Teaching 2021 winners and finalists. 


Sottosopra by Joanna Majchrowska

Sottosopra - 1st prize/research

Joanna Majchrowska - Lecturer, uNisa creative

“This image is of ‘Sottosopra’ a chandelier designed as part of UniSA’s fourth biennial research exhibition hosted by the JamFactory, which delved into the social, functional, and cultural values of chandeliers as a source of inquiry and research in exploring how this iconic object illustrates a narrative of contemporary society.”

This is my office. Where’s yours? by Tom Raimondo

This is my office. Where’s yours? - 2nd prize/research and People's Choice

Associate Professor Tom Raimondo - Professorial Lead Geology and Geochemistry, UniSA STEM

“As the old geologists' saying goes: "The rocks won't come to you - you have to go to the rocks!" And sometimes this means being dropped by helicopter at the top of Pembroke Valley, looking down onto Milford Sound, New Zealand. One of the wettest places on Earth, but equally one of the most spectacular. The gorgeous view hides a rare secret: clues to how the deep plumbing network beneath volcanoes are organised, the engine room for the most geologically active regions on Earth. Where else would you want to spend your working day?”

The mosaic of 3D printing by Andre Hatem

The mosaic of 3D printing - 3rd prize/research

Andre Hatem - PhD Candidate, Future Industries Institute, UniSA STEM

“This image shows the microstructure of a 3D printed stainless steel alloy that resembles a mosaic stained glass window. The material was fabricated by the Binder Jetting Additive Manufacturing technique, in the Industry 4.0 Testlab facilities at UniSA’s Mawson Lakes campus.”

Winners - Teaching

Preparing for takeoff by Steven Leib

Preparing for takeoff - 1st prize/teaching

DR Steven Leib - Program Director, Aviation, UniSA STEM

“Students receiving instruction in the UniSA Aviation B737 simulator, a very lifelike experience!”

The fourth revolution by Dylan DeLosAngeles

The fourth revolution - 2nd prize/teaching

DR Dylan DeLosAngeles - Exhibitions Coordinator  MOD.

“The Custom-Made Demonstrator is part of the previous MOD. exhibition, It’s Complicated. It was conceived, designed and produced by six UniSA final-year engineering students under the supervision of Professor Mahfuz Aziz at UniSA STEM. The project also involved four UniSA Illustration and Animation students, as well as long-term engagement with local industry and exhibition suppliers. Two UniSA software engineering students are continuing work on the project by developing a digital twin of the physical system.”

A woman teaches by Louise Sawtell

A woman teaches - 3rd prize/teaching

DR Louise Sawtell - Online Course Facilitator, UniSA Online

“'A woman teaches' features close-up shots of my role as an online course facilitator with UniSA Online. I teach on the screen for the screen in the Introduction to Video Production course.”

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The cuttlefish shuffle by Craig Styan

The cuttlefish shuffle - Finalist

Associate Professor Craig Styan - Program Director: Environmental Science, UniSA STEM

“Just like our unique terrestrial flora and fauna, the diverse underwater ecosystems in South Australia are unlike anywhere else in the world, with many of our species found only in southern Australia. This uniqueness has marine scientists referring to the reefs fringing the southern Australian coastline as the “Great Southern Reef” - which, although unknown by most people and attracting far less research funding than its tropical counterpart, is at least as diverse, contains more species found nowhere else in the world and contributes more to tourism and fisheries than the Great Barrier Reef.”

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‘Fireball’ like nano-formulation by Sisi Liang

‘Fireball’ like nano-formulation - Finalist

Sisi Liang - PhD Candidate, UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences

“The image looks like fireballs in the dark. This is a transmission electron colorized microscopic image of drug loaded natural polymer-based nanoparticles (~50 nanometres). The image shows how porous and yet caged the nanoparticle looks.”

Magic carpet ride by Ian Johnson

Magic carpet ride - Finalist

DR Ian Johnson - Research Fellow, UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences

“Prostate cancer is perfectly imperfect, making many of them unique and patient specific. Common treatments can fail, leading to advanced, incurable disease. We can produce heterogenic organoids in a perfectly imperfect manner, to mimic how cells change, depending on their location and communication with other cells and response to treatments. Each image we capture of these organoids forms a piece of the puzzle, and when they are all connected, may provide a ‘complete’ picture of a disease.”

Generalised Newton for signal processing by Bethany Caldwell

Generalised Newton for signal processing - Finalist

Bethany Caldwell - PhD Candidate, UniSA STEM

“Nonlinear equations arise in all STEM disciplines, such as mathematics, engineering and computer and information science, economics, finance and biology. These equations can almost never be solved analytically. Therefore, a numerical method is used to find an accurate approximation of the solution.”

Blood, sweat, and chemistry by Sarah Otto

Blood, sweat, and chemistry - Finalist

Sarah Otto - PhD Candidate, UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences

“This photo depicts anthocyanin residues on the bottom of a flask. Anthocyanins are naturally occurring pigments found in many flowers, fruit, and vegetables. They are also antioxidants and can have many health benefits. Synthetic chemists put countless hours, days and sometimes even weeks into developing a tiny quantity of product. Sometimes their hard work pays off, other times it results in heartache. The anthocyanin residue depicted in this image is the culmination of six months of trial and error.”

Entrapment by Eli Moore

Entrapment - Finalist

DR Eli Moore - Centre for Cancer Biology, UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences

“These images of clotted blood triggered by current generation metal stents are a chilling reflection of the way disease has trapped humanity on a global scale. Whether it's red blood cells trapped in a fibrin network or people trapped in their homes due to COVID 19 lockdowns, disease is having an ever increasing impact on our lives. Innovation is our way out.”

Metals only by Joti Weijers-Coghlan

Metals only - Finalist

Joti Weijers-Coghlan - Lecturer: Architecture (Student Design and Construction Program), UniSA Creative

“These are students undertaking a Design Construct elective within UniSA Creative, who are prefabricating building components as part of a research project to design and build prefabricated facilities for remote campsites in the Flinders Ranges.”

The sunset paints us gold by Fariba Sahel

The sunset paints us gold - Finalist

Fariba Sahel - Online Course Facilitator, UniSA Online

“This is an image of a refugee girl being in awe of how glorious the sunset is. It demonstrates a sense of belonging, hope and passion for a brighter future here on the Kaurna land. Her only dream is to use her knowledge and education to make an impactful change on this world.”


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