29 June 2019

Prohab DeviceA team of world-class experts have collaborated to develop a novel sporting device to collect ‘strength’ data to support individualised health, fitness and rehabilitation programs.

The winning-edge health platform device, Prohab, evolved as its creator Lyndon Huf travelled the globe achieving data-driven performance outcomes for Olympic athletes and helping his mum recover from a painful injury.

A physiotherapist and sports scientist, Lyndon realised he could help patients and sportspeople better understand how to do an exercise well. So with input from world-class professionals, he developed a prototype of a smart sensor to clip on to an exercise resistance band to measure and deliver strength data in real-time to a phone or computer.

Trials of his prototype began, but when his team struck a challenge during functionality testing, he sought professional advice from the South Australian node of the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF-SA).

“With expert equipment and people, ANFF-SA was like a life-saver in helping us solve our problems,” said Lyndon. “Challenging conventional thinking and existing methods, ANFF-SA were timely, independent and valuable, allowing us to make changes in our business for the better.”

Lyndon said ANFF-SA’s scientific approach resulted in a compelling report with x-ray images identifying the problem within his tiny device and he plans to release a final market-ready product soon.

“We had enough information from ANFF-SA to solve the process on the factory floor and it was great working with people who share the same processes,” said Lyndon.

ANFF-SA specialises in world-class design and engineering solutions to deliver advanced manufacturing technologies to local, national and international users. If you would like more information on how we can support the R&D with your prototype please contact us today.

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