Infrastructure Access Scheme Overview

This scheme is not accepting applications at this time.

The Infrastructure Access Scheme provides an ideal mechanism for successful industry engagement and delivering outcomes for business. The Future Industries Institute (FII) has over $60M of equipment across a wide range of capabilities, serviced by a dedicated technical team. The FIA Infrastructure Access Scheme provides an opportunity for SA industry to benefit from these capabilities and expertise at no direct cost.

Key features of the scheme include:

  • No deadlines, industry can apply at any time
  • No direct cost to industry
  • Simple, quick application process, including consultation
  • Access includes advice, training and analysis from dedicated technical staff
  • We include a FII researcher in every application
  • Provides a pathway to partnership development, including other FIA schemes

How does accessing infrastructure help my business?

Your company can access state of the art equipment, laboratory space, and research infrastructure valued at over $70M. As part of this scheme, you’ll also be provided with expert advice, training and analysis from dedicated technical staff at no direct cost. This combination of expertise and infrastructure has helped many participating companies discover solutions to improve their business through new technologies and research. 

What infrastructure is available?

FII facilities are across four buildings at the Mawson Lakes campus. Each building contains state-of-the-art laboratories and specialised equipment.

The equipment available is extensive but can be classified into 4 key areas:

  • Minerals and resources engineering
  • Energy and advanced manufacturing
  • Environmental science and engineering
  • Biomaterials engineering and nanomedicine

Analytical equipment associated with these areas include:

  • Surface analysis
  • Minerals and materials analysis
  • Molecular and cellular biology
  • Chemical/water analysis