UniSA is very proud to have awarded many scholarships. Read on to view the names of our past scholarship recipients.

Rhodes Scholars

 Year Name Degree


Ryan Manuel

Bachelor of Management (Marketing)/Bachelor of Arts (International Studies)


Amy King

Bachelor of International Business/ International Studies

Fulbright Scholars

 Year Name Scholarship Research area


Joan George

Postgraduate Scholar



Professor Timothy White

Senior Scholar



Professor Samuel Myers

Senior Scholar



Sara Hughes

US Fulbright Postgraduate  Scholar



Dr Jennifer McKay

Fulbright Senior Scholarship



Dr Raymond Choo

Fulbright Professional Australia-US Alliance Studies Scholarship

Information Technology


Associate Professor Steven  Lapidge

Fulbright Professional Business/ Industry (Coral Sea) Scholar



Dr Stephanie Reuter Lange

South Australia Postdoctoral Scholar

Medical Sciences


Suzanne Schultz

South Australia State Postgraduate Scholarship

 Public Health


Sadie Heckenberg

Indigenous Postgraduate Scholarship

Arts (Indigenous Oral History)


 Joel Fuller

South Australia State Postgraduate Scholarship

Medical Sciences (Biomechanics)

Tall Poppy Awards

 Year Name Research area


Dr Ross McKinnon

Genetic factors that determine susceptibility to drug and chemical toxicity


Dr Wayne Piekarski

Augmented reality, computer graphics, and wearable computers


Professor Alex Grant

Information transmission in telecommunications networks


Dr Adam Fletcher

Human sleep, shift work, jet lag and workplace fatigue


Associate Professor Libby Roughead

Patterns of medication use in the Australian community


Dr Julia Pitcher

Motor control neurophysiology


Dr Kutluyil Dogancay

Evoked postsynaptic current measurements in membrane ion channels


Dr Janna Morrison

Neural regulation of foetal sleep states


Dr Nicole Lamond

Sleep loss and irregular work schedules on sleep, fatigue and waking function


Dr Craig Williams

Public health


Dr Emma Parkinson-Lawrence

Health and medical research


Dr Beverly Muhlhausler

Obesity in pregnancy


Dr Michael Sorich

Why medicines will work well for some people but not for others


Dr Mark McDonnell

 How neurons in the brain communicate and process information using electrical pulses


Dr Alison Coates

Health and diet


Dr Karen Murphy

Diet and its relationship to physical and mental health


Dr Matthew Haren

Health and wellbeing in regional communities


Dr Gabrielle Todd

The brain control of movement


Dr Ellen Nisbet

Malaria parasite


Dr Saravana Kumar

Health services


Dr Siobhan Banks

Physiological and neuro-behavioural consequences of sleep deprivation


Dr Craig Priest

Microfluidics and interfacial chemistry