Mechanisms in Cell Biology and Diseases

Mechanisms in Cell Biology and Diseases

The Mechanisms in Cell Biology and Disease Research Group has a specific interest in endosome-lysosome cell biology in cancer and is developing diagnostic, prognostic and imaging technology for biochemical medicine, which will benefit patients and the wider community.

Our Research

Other research predominantly aims to understand the underlying molecular mechanisms contributing to neuropathology and respiratory dysfunction in lysosomal storage disorders. Determining the link between lysosomal storage and altered secretion, will allow us to gain insight into important cellular mechanisms that will yield targets for future therapeutic intervention.

This research group is currently developing diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for prostate cancer and establishing the efficacy of this technology through clinical trials. We are also developing novel molecular probes that can be used to visualise lipids, sugars and endocytosis; and that can be adapted as diagnostic and prognostic tools for prostate cancer and other cancer imaging. We also have a project on the role of inflammation in prostate cancer and other immune disorders. 

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Our Capabilities

Cell Biology, confocal microscopy, live cell imaging, in vitro cell models, immunochemistry, ELISA, histology, molecular biology, protein biophysics, chemistry, synthesis, imaging agents.

Emma Parkinson-Lawrence manages the Biophysical Characterisation Facility which houses state of the art equipment for bio-molecular interactions including a BiacoreT200 and Jasco Circular Dichroism Spectrometer.

Research Team

PhD Students 

Honours Students 

  • Ms Veronica Ancheta
  • Mr Bukuru Nturubika 
  • Mr Martin Zhang 

Academic Collaborative Partners

  • Prof John O'Leary: Professor/Chair of Pathology, Trinity College Dublin.
  • Prof Lisa Butler: Cancer Council Principal Research Fellow; SAHMRI - Prostate Cancer Research Group. 
  • A/Prof Stavros Selemidis: RMIT Oxidant and Inflammation Biology Group (OXIB), an integral part of the Chronic Infectious Inflammatory Diseases (CIID) Research Program. 
  • A/Prof Sally Plush: Bioinorganic Chemistry UniSA; Clinical and Health Sciences. 
  • A/Prof Max Massi: Senior Lecturer & ARC Future Fellow, Department of Chemistry - Curtin University. 
  • Prof Adrian Esterman: Biostatistician; UniSA. 
  • Prof Janna Morrison: Early Origins of Adut Health Research Group; UniSA. 
  • Prof Brett Delahunt: Specialist Pathologist; University of Otago. 
  • Prof Hema Samaratunga: Specialist Pathologist; Aquesta Pathology.  
  • Prof Jurgen Stahl: Senior Pathologist; ClinPath.
  • Prof Sonia Klebe: Senior Pathologist; Flinders Medical Centre/SA Pathology.  
  • Dr Juan Bonifacino: Intracellular Protein Trafficking; NIH. 
  • Dr Roberto Weigert: Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology; NIH.
  • Dr Emma Evergren: School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences; Queen's University Belfast.
  • Prof Ian Day: Queen's University Belfast. 

Industry Collaborative Partners 

  • Envision Sciences 
    • Peter Pursey AM: Executive Chairman/Chief Executive Office