Experimental Therapeutics

Experimental Therapeutics

We undertake fundamental, translational and clinical research to explore novel immunotherapeutic approaches for cancer, allergy and other diseases including chronic and acute infections in both adult and paediatric populations. Using our broad range of expertise, we exploit the power and specificity of the immune system to develop cutting edge approaches to new diagnostics and therapeutic agents.

Our research

The Experimental Therapeutics Laboratory aims to improve chronic and acute health outcomes by exploring novel immunotherapeutic approaches to treat and prevent cancer, allergy and other diseases including chronic and acute infections and uncontrolled inflammation in sepsis.

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Our capabilities

The Experimental Therapeutics Laboratory is a certified PC2 facility and is located within the new UniSA Cancer Research Institute Building, City West campus. Our fully equipped laboratories and tissue culture suites feature state-of-the-art facilities and equipment which are routinely used to streamline workflow for developing next generation vaccines of the future.

We routinely utilise in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro models and a range of histological, virological, cellular and molecular techniques to explore the immune response to various stimulations, allowing us to target and design therapeutic and diagnostic agents for cancer, allergies and infection.


Laboratory head

Professor John Hayball (UniSA Cancer Research Institute, UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences, UniSA)

Associate head

Dr Kerrilyn Diener (Robinson Research Institute Research Fellow; School of Medicine and Robinson Research Institute, UA; Senior Rsearch Fellow, UniSA)

Industry collaborative partners

  • Dr Paul Howley (CEO and CSO, Sementis Pty Ltd; Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, UniSA)
  • Mr Antony Scammell (Director, ConCa Pty. Ltd, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, UniSA)
  • Mr Steve May (Director, Puratap Pty Ltd)

Clinical collaborative partners

  • Dr William Smith (Allergy SA and Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergy, RAH; Adjunct Senior Lecturer, UniSA)
  • Associate Professor Michael Stark (Neonatologist, WCH; Robinson Research Institute, UA)

Academic collaborative partners

  • Associate Professor Krasimir Vasilev (UniSA)
  • Professor Sarah Robertson (Director, Robinson Research Institute, UA)
  • Dr Bruce Lyons, Dr Andrew Flies, and Professor Greg Woods (UTas)
  • Dr Tim Kuchel (Director, Preclinical Imaging Research Laboratory, SAHMRI)
  • Dr Vidya Limaye and A/Prof Susanna Proudman (Rheumatology Unit, RAH; UA)
  • Professor David Watson and Dr Damian Hussey(Upper GI Research Group; FMC and Flinders Uni)
  • Dr Justin Chalker (College of Science and Engineering, Flinders Uni)

Scientific staff

Research support staff

Research students

  • Ms Ruth Guzman (PhD student, UniSA)
  • Ms Jessica Day (PhD student, UniSA)
  • Ms Abigail Trinidad (PhD student, UniSA)
  • Ms Nerissa Lakhan (PhD student, UA)
  • Ms Fan Jia (PhD student, UniSA)
  • Ms Karen Gydedu (Hons student, UniSA)