Muktar Ahmed: Data-driven analysis to predict and prevent cancer: a large scale study. Supervisors: Professor Elina Hyppönen, Associate Professor Hong Lee, Dr Terry Boyle, Associate Professor Ville-Petteri Mäkinen

Ruby Au: Outcomes of acute amphetamine-induced psychosis presentation in hospital emergency departments. Supervisors: Dr Vijay Suppiah, Dr Elizabeth Hotham, Graeme Sanders, Professor Sepehr Shakib.

Larissa Braz Sousa: Citizen science and public health: integrating this partnership into mosquito programs. Supervisors: Professor Craig Williams, Dr Katherine Baldock, Camerson Webb

Tien Ngoc Bui:  Expanding the role of community pharmacists in mental health: addressing the gaps in medication knowledge: physical health monitoring of consumers living independently in the community. Supervisors: Dr Vijay Suppiah, Dr Elizabeth Hotham, Adam Forrest, Dr Sara McMillan, Dr Fiona Kelly, Professor Amanda Wheeler.

Jessica Chapman-Goetz: NPS medicine wise application based personalised progressive reminder system to improve treatment adherence in chronic heart failure: a randomized controlled trial.  SupervisorsDr Vijay Suppiah, Dr Elizabeth Hotham, Nerida Packham, Professor Julie Radcliffe.

Jill Congedi: Epidemiology of Helicobacter pylori infection as detected by Urea Breath Test: trends and factors associated with positivity and eradication rates in an Australian clinical population, 2000 – 2015. Supervisors: Dr Hanna Tervonen, Associate Professor Craig WilliamsDr Katherine Baldock

Nikou Javadi: Presaging interdisciplinary design and healthcare collaborations to improve research outcomes and impact. Supervisors: Prof Ian Gwilt, Associate Professor Kristin Carson-Chahhoud, Paul Lambert

Mohammed Iqbal Madakkatel: Quantifying financial health and automating financial decision making using machine learning. Supervisors: Associate Professor Mark McDonnell, Professor Elina Hyppönen, Dr Belinda Chiera

MD Moksedul Momin: Transethnic Genetic Correlation and Genetic architecture of Complex Traits in Humans. Supervisors: Associate Professor Hong Lee, Dr Beben Benyamin, Dr Xuan Zhou.

Kitty Pham: Lipids Statins and Brain Health: A Large-Scale Study. Supervisors: Professor Elina Hyppönen, Dr Anwar Mulugeta, Dr Mandy Lumsden, Professor Mark Jenkinson.

Natasha Radcliffe: Nutritional genomics and neurological disease (epilepsy). Supervisors: Professor Leanne Dibbens, Dr Michael Ricos, Professor Elina Hyppönen

Akzam Saidin: Bioinformatics in Epilepsy Genetics. Supervisors: Professor Leanne Dibbens, Dr Michael Ricos

Prathiyankara Shailendra: Weight-ing to Live: Strength training and risk of mortality. Supervisors: Dr Terry Boyle, Dr Katherine Baldock

Joshua Sutherland: Vitamin D, calcium and Cardio Vascular Risk: A large scale study. Supervisors: Professor Elina Hypponen, Dr Ang Zhou, Dr Matthew Leach

Farhana Nabi: Diet and health: exploring phenome-wide associations and gene-environment interactions using a machine learning approach. Supervisors: Professor Elina Hypponen




Jisu Shin: Developing advanced statistical methods to improve genomic prediction that can be applied to genomic precision medicine. Supervisors: Associate Professor Hong Lee, Dr Beben Benyamin 


Cameron Dickson: Pain and depression: exploring gene-environment interactions and the role of stress. Supervisors: Professor Elina Hyppönen, Dr Ang Zhou

Dr Peter Hibbert: Methods for capturing, classifying, and analysing information about patient safety and for developing and disseminating solutions. Supervisors: Professor William (Bill) Runciman, Dr Louise Wiles , Associate Professor Tasha Stanton

Gina Mincham: Development of a mechanistic dengue simulation model for Guangzhou, southern China. Supervisors: Professor Craig Williams, Dr Katherine Baldock

Dr Angie Willcocks: A longitudinal investigation of the relationship between maternal diet and depression and anxiety, and the moderating role of life stress in the perinatal period. Supervisors:Dr Natalie Parletta, Dr Dorota Zarnowiecki, Professor Mary Steen, Associate Professor Theo Niyonsenga


Stephanie Folley: Physical activity and cognitive function exploring gene environment interactions in the UK Biobank. Supervisors: Professor Elina Hyppönen, Dr Ang Zhou

Dr Peter Lekkas: Suburban matters: the influence of change on residents' health trajectories. Supervisors: Professor Mark Daniel, Dr Catherine Paquet

Dr Anwar Mulugeta: Vitamin D, obesity and mental health:study on gene-environment interaction. Supervisors: Professor Elina Hyppönen, Dr Ang Zhou

Dr Maleshwane (Lettie) Pule: Developing an index of comorbidity for colorectal cancer in Australia. Supervisors: Professor David Roder, Dr Elizabeth (Liz) Buckley, Associate Professor Theo Niyonsenga.

Dr MD Shafiqur Rahman Jabin: Improving the safety and quality of medical imaging by bridging the gap between health information technology and human performance: Supervisors: Professor William (Bill) Runciman, Associate Professor Peter Hibbert, Dr Tim Schultz, Anita Deakin