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Muktar Ahmed:  Data-driven analysis to predict and prevent cancer: a large scale study

Supervisors: Prof Elina Hyppönen, A/Prof Hong Lee, Dr Terry Boyle, A/Prof Ville-Petteri Mäkinen

Ruby Au: Illicit drug induced psychosis presentations in emergency departments.

Supervisors: Dr Vijay Suppiah, Dr Elizabeth Hotham, Graeme Sanders, Prof Sepehr Shakib.

Larissa Braz Sousa:  Citizen science and public health: integrating this partnership into mosquito programs

Supervisors: A/Prof Craig Williams, A/Prof Katherine Baldock, Camerson Webb

Tien Bui: The role of community pharmacist in managing mental health patients in the community.

Supervisors: Dr Vijay Suppiah, Dr Elizabeth Hotham, Adam Forrest, Dr Sara McMillan, Dr Fiona Kelly, Prof Amanda Wheeler.

Jessica Chapman-Goetz: Medication adherence in heart failure.

Supervisors: Dr Vijay Suppiah, Dr Elizabeth Hotham, Nerida Packham, Prof Julie Radcliffe.

Jill Congedi:  Epidemiology of Helicobacter pylori infection as detected by Urea Breath Test: trends and factors associated with positivity and eradication rates in an Australian clinical population, 2000 – 2015.

Supervisors: Dr Hanna Tervonen, A/Prof Craig WilliamsA/Prof Katherine Baldock

Cameron Dickson: Pain and depression: exploring gene-environment interactions and the role of stress.

Supervisors: Prof Elina Hyppönen, Dr Ang Zhou

Mohammad (Kazzem) Gheybi:  Patterns of cancer care and outcomes in the South Australian older population

Supervisors: Prof David Roder, Dr Elizabeth Buckley, Dr Agnes Vitry

Thi Nga (Nancy) Le: Is the mortality to incidence ratio a valid proxy for Australian Cancer Survival using Australian Institute of Health & Welfare data?

Supervisors: Prof David Roder, Dr Elizabeth Buckley.

Mohammed Iqbal Madakkatel: Quantifying financial health and automating financial decision making using machine learning

Supervisors: Associate Professor Mark McDonnell, Professor Elina Hyppönen, Dr Belinda Chiera

Gina Mincham: Development of a mechanistic dengue simulation model for Guangzhou, southern China.

Supervisors: A/Prof Craig WilliamsA/Prof Katherine Baldock

MD Moksedul Momin: Transethnic Genetic Correlation and Genetic architecture of Complex Traits in Humans.

Supervisors: A/Prof Hong Lee, Dr Beben Benyamin, Dr Xuan Zhou.

Kitty Pham: Lipids Statins and Brain Health: A Large-Scale Study. 

Supervisors: Prof Elina Hyppönen, Dr Anwar Mulugeta, Dr Mandy Lumsden, Prof Mark Jenkinson.

Natasha Radcliffe: Nutritional genomics and neurological disease (epilepsy).

Supervisors: Prof Leanne Dibbens, Dr Michael Ricos, Prof Elina Hyppönen

Akzam Saidin: Bioinformatics in Epilepsy Genetics.

Supervisors: Prof Leanne Dibbens, Dr Michael Ricos

Prathiyankara Shailendra: Weight-ing to Live: Strength training and risk of mortality.

Supervisors: Dr Terry Boyle, A/Prof Katherine Baldock

Jisu Shin: Developing advanced statistical methods to improve genomic prediction that can be applied to genomic precision medicine.

Supervisors: A/Prof Hong Lee, Dr Beben Benyamin 

Joshua Sutherland: Vitamin D, calcium and Cardio Vascular Risk: A large scale study.

Supervisors: Prof Elina Hypponen, Dr Ang Zhou, Dr Matthew Leach

Angie Willcocks: A longitudinal investigation of the relationship between maternal diet and depression and anxiety, and the moderating role of life stress in the perinatal period.

Supervisors: Dr Natalie Parletta, Dr Dorota Zarnowiecki, Prof Mary SteenA/Prof Theo Niyonsenga



Dr Anwar MulugetaVitamin D, obesity and mental health: study on gene-environment interaction

Stephanie Folley Physical activity and cognitive function exploring gene environment interactions in the UK biobank

Dr Peter Lekkas: Suburban matters: the influence of change on residents health trajectories

Dr Maleshwane (Lettie) PuleDeveloping an index of comorbidity for colorectal cancer in Australia

Dr MD Shafiqur Rahman JabinImproving the safety and quality of medical imaging by bridging the gap between health information technology and human performance