Research Areas

Developing statistical methods for whole genome analysis

We develop whole-genome methods for disease treatment and prevention that take into account individual variability in genes, environment and lifestyle

Nutritional genetics to risk factor discovery

Using large-scale population data to understand how nutrition, lifestyle & environment, combined with individual genetics, affect health & disease risk.

Dissecting the genetic aetiology of complex diseases and traits

Humans differ in a range of traits and diseases. We investigate the genetic and environmental factors that contribute to these differences.

Genetic differences in drug responses

Pharmacogenomics testing is one of the most important avenues to personalising a patient’s treatment.

Uncovering the genetic causes of Epilepsy and the associated comorbidities

Epilepsy is one of the most common and serious neurological disorders. Recurrent and unprovoked seizures affect more than 2% of the worldwide population.

Pharmacometrics for Precision Health

Pharamacometrics translates basic&clinical research into improved pharmacotherapeutic use through quantitative modelling of disease, drug effects & variability.

Identifying factors which influence cancer risk, survival and survivorship

The aim of this research is to investigate the role that lifestyle factors play in the risk and management of chronic diseases, particularly cancer.

Systems approach to reduce the impact of adversity

This research is exploring the causes and health, social and economic consequences of child maltreatment and interventions to disrupt negative outcomes.

Augmented reality to improve disease management

Each year, billions is spent on research, but many outcomes remain inaccessible. Fast translation of research into practice needs a radical approach.

Environment and health

Where we live, work, & play contributes to our feelings, decisions & general health. These places give valued information about the health of our communities.