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CPAAB is actively involved in research strategies underpinning real-world conservation efforts and animal wellbeing. The research undertaken at UniSA utilises interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to enhance real-world applications, focusing on ethical interactions with the world around us. 

Collaborative citizen science projects 

Cat personality explained: understanding the Feline Five

Litchfield, C.A., Quinton, G., Tindle, H., Chiera, B., Kikillus, K.H., and Roetman, P. (2017). The ‘Feline Five’: An Exploration of Personality in Pet Cats (Felis catus). PLOS ONE.

Refereed journal articles and reports


Mellish, S, Pearson, EL, McLeod, EM, Tuckey, MR & Ryan, JC 2019, 'What goes up must come down: an evaluation of a zoo conservation-education program for balloon litter on visitor understanding, attitudes, and behaviour', Journal of Sustainable Tourism.

Ryan, J, Mellish, S, Dorrian, J, Winefield, T & Litchfield, C 2019, 'Effectiveness of biodiversity-conservation marketing', Conservation Biology.


Roetman, P., Tindle, H., & Litchfield, C. (2018). Management of pet cats: the impact of the cat tracker citizen science project in South Australia. Animals, 8(11), 1-14. doi:10.3390/ani8110190.

Litchfield, C. A., Lowry, R., & Dorrian, J. (2018). Recycling 115,369 mobile phones for gorilla conservation over a six-year period (2009-2014) at Zoos Victoria: A case study of 'points of influence' and mobile phone donations. PLoS One, 13(12), 1-18. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0206890.