The Cognitive & Systems Neuroscience Research Hub (CSN-RH) undertakes state-of-the-art research on the human mind, brain and behaviour.

Our goal is to advance knowledge on how the brain - with its unique computational hardware-gives rise to the abilities we have as humans. These include the capacity to perform complex tasks, memorise large quantities of information, make decisions and communicate via language.

We seek to apply the insights we gained from our research to improving cognitive health and human performance.

This research concentration's approach is inherently interdisciplinary. We have a broad network of national and international academic collaborators in a range of fields that complement our own expertise, allowing us to tackle complex and significant research questions.

As well as our academic collaborations, we work with industry and user-end partners from a wide range of fields so that our research can be applied to multiple levels of real world challenges. Our studies are conducted in a range of naturalistic environments involving whole-body action and immersion in augmented reality.

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Cognitive & Systems Neuroscience Research Hub (CSN-RH)

Location Magill Campus St Bernards Road Magill SA 5072