27 September 2016

Dylan Chown

Announcing the new Health and Physical Education (HPE) for the Australian Curriculum series by Cambridge University Press. Dylan Chown from Uni SA’s Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE), School of Education HPE Year 7 and 8along with colleagues from around the country, headed by Glenn Amezdroz and Sue Dickens authored what is sure to be well received by the many dedicated HPE practitioners across the country.

HPE for the Australian Curriculum series covers the two curriculum content strands - Personal, social and community health, and Movement and physical activity. It promises to be a complete resource package integrating the key curriculum focus areas, together with general capabilities, cross-curricula priorities and links to other learning areas, as it explores key contemporary issues.

 In addition to contributing to the Year 7/8 textbook, Dylan consulted across the series in an ground breaking and innovative Alternate Version released as an interactive resource.

 A feature of the Alternate version is the intent to assist in making a positive educational synthesis between the HPE Year 9 and 10content and concepts of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum and the values and beliefs of religious traditions.

The Alternate Version recognises that many students, families and school communities identify values, beliefs and traditions as orientating, enabling, and empowering as well as sources of guidance and as resources for lifelong healthy, active living. The aim was not to narrow or limit the educational scope and potential of the curriculum but rather to deepen and widen teaching and learning by integrating a religious, cultural and spiritual dimension where that is relevant and helpful.

Precedence was not given to a specific religious tradition over the myriad of religious traditions observed and practiced in Australia. Rather the Alternate Version aims to add focus to this ground breaking resource such that a space for values, beliefs and traditions including religious traditions was emphasised.... Read More

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