Collaborating with the ACCP

The Australian Centre for Child Protection collaborates with a wide range of partners at a state, national and international level. Our collaborators include government entities, not for profit organisations and other high-calibre research institutions and entities.

At the heart of our collaboration approach is the ACCP mission to improve the lives of vulnerable children. This guides our collaborations, in working with partners who also have a true commitment to making the lives of vulnerable children and their families better and who are also committed to leading and implementing the outcomes and findings of our collaborative work.

Our approach to working with partners is one of innovating together and jointly finding and developing new solutions. We recognise our partners bring valuable knowledge and practice wisdom to our work and help to ensure that our assumptions and approaches are reflective of the experience of children, young people, families and those working with and for them.

We also recognise that current policy, practice and systems solutions and service offerings in preventing and responding to child abuse and neglect are often not meeting the needs of our most vulnerable children. In light of this, our collaborative and partnered approach to work is focused on developing new approaches and solutions to drive improved outcomes and approaches (rather than conducting evaluations of current programs and services).

Central to the ACCP’s collaboration and partnering approach is a commitment to:

  • Improving the lives of vulnerable children
  • Investigating the nature and extent of key issues across a range of populations
  • Identifying optimum windows for intervention, testing assumptions and redefining understandings
  • Building evidence drawn from the lived experiences, needs and advice of children, young people and families
  • Cultural safety and honouring different ways of parenting and supporting families
  • Developing and disseminating a new research and evidence base
  • Bringing independence, honesty and integrity to each project and project approach
  • Innovating to drive sector wide change
  • Implementing the highest standards of project delivery and implementable and accessible outcomes.