Project Outline:

EggsEarly research indicating that high blood cholesterol levels are associated with an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease led to recommendations to limit the intake of foods containing high levels of cholesterol. However, most foods that contain high levels of cholesterol also contain high saturated fat, and emerging evidence suggests that it is the saturated fat content of these foods, rather than the cholesterol, that increases blood cholesterol levels. Eggs are somewhat unique in that while they are rich in cholesterol they contain little saturated fat, and therefore may not increase blood cholesterol levels.

This is a randomised controlled trial to examine if a low-saturated fat diet containing eggs changes blood cholesterol or other blood lipid levels when compared to a high saturated fat, low cholesterol diet (without eggs) or an average Australian control diet (high saturated fat and cholesterol).

Principal Investigators:

Jon Buckley
Executive Dean, Allied Health and Human Performance, UniSA Allied Health & Human Performance
C8-58, City East Campus
Alison Coates
Dean of Research, UniSA Allied Health & Human Performance
C8-54, City East Campus
Alison Hill
Senior Lecturer in Nutrition, UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences
P1-21, City East Campus

Post-doctoral Research Fellow:

Sharayah Carter
Adjunct Research Fellow, UniSA Allied Health & Human Performance
BJ1-41, City East Campus


  • American Egg Board: Egg Nutrition Centre (grant).