Project Outline:

Elderly Woman Drinking Coffee OutsideAustralia’s population is aging, and services and products that enable older adults to remain living independently and safely in their own homes are needed.

Neo Care is a SA Biotech Start up, which has designed a virtual assistant (“Neo”) that can detect over 250 domestic sounds associated with serious events (e.g. moaning, thud, glass breaking), perform triaging, and summons assistance when needed.

Partnering with them, we are leading a rigorous evaluation of Neo in South Australian households.  

This technology may change the future of care for the aging, providing people, and their families, with ongoing support and security to live independently.

Principal Investigators:

  • Carol Maher
  • Rachel Curtis
  • Paul van der Linder (NeoCare)
  • Warren Ortmann (Life Care)
  • Anthony Kittel (REDARC)
  • Paul Dalby (University of Adelaide)
  • Svetlana Bogomolova (Flinders University)

Our partners and collaborators:

  • University of Adelaide
  • Flinders University
  • Neo Care
  • Life Care
  • REDARC Electronics