Project Outline:

Almost one in three Australian adults are obese, and this rate continues to rise.

The causes of obesity are multifaceted, and include environmental, cultural and lifestyle factors, such as unhealthy diets leading to excess energy intake, and insufficient energy expenditure, due to physical inactivity, excess sedentary behaviour and unhealthy sleep.

Obesity is estimated to cost Australia $21B annually.

This study tracks the daily changes in weight gain and lifestyle behaviours (activity and dietary patterns) over a 12-month period, using high-tech, low-burden approaches.

Our findings are expected to reveal high-risk times during the year for targeting obesity and lifestyle interventions.

Principal Investigators:

  • Carol Maher
  • Tim Olds
  • Francois Fraysse
  • Gilly Hendrie (CSIRO)
  • Dot Dumuid
  • Rachel Curtis
  • Wendy Brown (University of Queensland)
  • Adrian Esterman

Our collaborators:

  • University of Queensland