iCAHE is actively involved in the production of Scoping Reviews for industry. Below are our scoping reviews by year. 


Summary of Evidence for Allied Health Extended Care. Prepared for Department for Health and Ageing, South Australia

In Australia, there is wide spread recognition that the traditional and historical models of care need to be reviewed, adapted and renewed to meet the emerging challenges and needs of the 21st century health system. As one of the three pillars of health, allied health professions, working in partnerships with medicine and nursing, can make a significant positive contribution to the new models of care. An area where allied health can play a critical role is in extending it to after hours, weekend etc. Historically much of the allied health professions were constrained to work within the “traditional” work hours and limited on-call services provided on an ad-hoc and opportunistic basis. In recent times, there has been some emerging evidence to indicate that there may be benefits to the health professional, patient and the health system overall through an allied health extended care model.

Using a pragmatic approach, and in collaboration with Allied & Scientific Health Office, iCAHE purposively identified literature from a range of sources which provided an overview of the processes and outcomes from allied health extended care initiatives from across the world. 


A brief evidence summary for the parameters underpinning clinical supervision of health professionals. Prepared for SA Health

There is currently a paucity of high quality research evidence, such as systematic reviews, regarding the parameters (duration and frequency) underpinning clinical supervision of health professionals. A recent literature review on allied heath clinical supervision in Australia identified numbers of knowledge gaps in this field. This short report provided a brief summary of evidence for the parameters underpinning the clinical supervision of health professionals.